Sunday, June 16, 2019

Drawing of a spaceship heading to a planet

I wanted to share one of my recent drawings here, this time it is something super-simple, i tried to illustrate a spaceship which is heading to a planet.

Drawing of a spaceship heading to a planet / Econ Dude


Although, this picture took me about one and a half hour to finish, which is a lot in this case. The main problem here was the spaceship. I am totally unhappy with the way i made it overall, but for some reason it took me hell of a lot time to complete this spaceship.

I am generally quite satisfied with the way i made the red planet and its satellite, i mean shadowing here wasn't very hard and the final results doesn't look horrible, but starts...

I failed in my attempt to show starts properly. Now i can clearly see that this is not the way you draw them, they can't be this big, it looks very unrealistic.

More about this drawing in my Russian Blog.