Friday, September 29, 2017

Space Rush Shooter [V1.2.22]

I made a new version [V1.2.22] of my old game called "Space Rush Shooter". This is a simple old-school space arcade with some additional features and RPG elements.

Space Rush Shooter [V1.2.22]

I wish i could create such graphic...

Space Rush is my very old project and one of the first games i completely finished.

In this new version i changed the following:

  • Crew Exp. ModX system added;
  • Late game rebalanced;
  • Enemies rebalanced;
  • Dodge and Block reworked;
  • Speed formula changed;
  • 8 new random advises;
  • Trade system improved;
  • Service fees formula improved;
  • Small improvements.

Here just some general fixes but i added one interesting feature regarding the ship's crew and worked on a late game quite a bit.

In Space Rush Shooter you can reach high levels (30-50 and higher), but after certain levels if you improving your skills correctly and if it fits well with your items and class, game becomes too easy so no one can kill you. This update was mostly regarding the late game and high levels, i wanted to make game better not only on low levels but during late game as well.

Although sometimes first 10-20 levels can be really hard especially when you are a new player and improve skills which are not helpful for your ship class on this stage.

Low levels are hard but interesting. When you die few times and try different approach you will find a way to pass them, later game was much easier.

To fix that i did re-balancing of extra high and high levels (30+). I changed many numbers such as HP and Damage of the enemies, also i changed auto-leveling system which is in the game. Now this system is fare and not broken.

You gain a bit less gold and XP for high-level enemies and they are a little big stronger.

Maybe i'll do one more re-balancing soon if game is too hard.

Another interesting feature in this version of the Space Rush game is ModX system for your crew. You can hire three crew members (i took this idea partially from "Faster than light"), each guy going to improve one main characteristic (attack, defense or speed).

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Virus game Update [2.1.31]

I made a small update for my Android game - Virus simulator.

Virus game Update [2.1.31]

New version [2.1.31] has few additional features:

  • Some graphics improvements;
  • New effects which you can turn off in the game's console;
  • Advices for new players;
  • Speed Up mode.

The most important is the Speed up Mode. Click on the clock-timer on the top right to make game's speed 200% of normal. This is quite helpful when you start a game because you don't have to wait when infection spreads and on the last stages.

A short video on my YouTube channel (In Russian...):

You can find a tutorial / guide for this game here: 

And game is available on Google Play for free:

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The 5 best Indie Games of All-Time

What indie games are the best of all-time? It is really hard to say and of course, this will be only my option here. I guess we could look at ratings in steam or on total sales, but here is my personal list of top 5 indie games of all-time.


RimWorld is my #1 indie game.

The 5 best Indie Games of All-Time

Why so? Well it's very deep, it has great atmosphere and it is not a stupid game.

You have to think and always make decisions which will determine your success.

The 5 best Indie Games of All-Time

Also, there are just so many things to do in this game, i can't even list it.

It is a survival game, RimWorld is like Minecraft in a sense of mining and building, is has very nice battle mechanics, it is like Sims or a happy farm game too, it gathers so many genres together and it is great.

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is great because it gave second life to platformer genre. 

The 5 best Indie Games of All-Time

I don't know how anyone could not love this game if you watched Indie Game: The Movie.

If you didn't watch it and you love indie games - go and watch, you will definitely enjoy.

The 5 best Indie Games of All-Time

Super Meat Boy is simple at first but it gradually becomes harder and harder as you progress. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tribes Arena Strategy: Age of Reforms

Hey! Today i wanted to share one of my games here which is called "Tribes Arena Strategy: Age of Reforms". This is a simple grand strategy game made for Android.

Google Play:

I used GameMaker Studio to make it, as for all my other games.

Tribes Arena Strategy: Age of Reforms (Android / Google Play)

Graphic here is very simple

At first let me tell you my small background story. I am a big fan of grand strategy games and my favorite are games made by Paradox Interactive. The best one in my opinion is Victoria II, this is very deep, complicated, detailed and awesome grand strategy game.

Friday, August 25, 2017

"Virus Game - Infection" for Android on Google Play, tutorial

Today i want to write a small tutorial for my very old game called "Virus", which is inspired by Plague Inc. This is one of my first games which i competed 100%, it is often hard to finish a game for an indie developer like me, you have so many things to distract you.

Virus Game - Infection for Androind on Google Play, tutorial

Kill "Zombies", improve your Virus and destroy the planet

This is quite simple game but with few RPG features and it is not the same as Plague Inc.

I didn't want to make another Plague Inc. clone or something but i did take some ideas from there.

Here is a link to the game on Google Play: 

In the game you start with a virus level 10, and you have free DNA points which you can invest in 5 main stats. Stats are: power, damage, spread, complexity and infections.

Your goal in the game is to "win" in a country. Winning means that you should kill everybody on the map before they develop a vaccine.

This is quite hard task to do at first, but as you progress, you can win in some countries. 

Virus Game - Infection for Androind on Google Play, tutorial

There are 15 different countries to "clean up"

Each country has a few differences. It has a science power which determines the speed of vaccine development. Morocco is the least developed and USA is the most. 

Also countries have size, in big countries such as Russia or Canada virus spreads slower.

Countries have different population structure, for example almost all people in China are Asian.