Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Nasty Teacher - Drawing

A few weeks ago i finished an art which i wanted to share here:

A nasty teacher

Manga, anime or cartoon? I don't even know what my style is.

This drawing took me a while, at least 8 hours of time, which is almost the record. There are many weak parts and mistakes (belly, lazy background, hair, etc.), but overall i like it. I spent quite a while on figuring out the right color of her dress:

All look fine, so hard to pick...

And here is the step by step animation of the drawing process:

At some point completely changed the style

You can read more about this image/picture on my Russian Blog.

Failed Drawing Of Girl

Hey there. A few days ago i finished an art which i didn't like, this bad drawing of a girl took me 3+ hours and the result wan't nice. Here it is:


There are some lessons i learned from this failed art:

  • Choose a good and inspiring reference
  • Don't rush, do the work as slow as required
  • Don't use too thick lines
  • Don't over-complicate things
  • Work on shadows harder
  • Textures won't save the final result without a decent basis

I am not happy with the result here, but i just felt bad to keep this image on my PC, so i am sharing it anyway. You can't be happy with all your work, but i think at least you should learn something even from an unsuccessful experience.

Here is an animation of the drawing process:

GIF with cheering penguin

For more information about this picture you can visit my Russian Blog.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Summer Girl - Drawing

Hey there. Today i want to share my recent drawing of a hot summer girl.

Here she is (18+ as usual):

Summer Girl - Drawing / Econ Dude

Resting on a beach

This image took me a record amount of time, more than 8 hours in total and 2 days of work, but overall i am quite happy with the result.

As a basic reference (body position and clothing) i used a photo of insta model @lexivixi, but i changed a lot: eyes, legs and many other things.

Colors and the general style are also different from the original photo.

I struggled a lot with legs and high hills, because i wanted to used a picture of them which i made separately before, so integrating them was quite fun. I worked on shadows and colors a lot, but because i am still a beginner, i couldn't make everything perfectly.

I could have added a few other details in addition to two rocks and a lighthouse, but at the end i decided to concentrate on the physical body more.

This is one of the best pictures in my collection, but i am far from the level i want to achieve, although i can see a slow progress.

Also here is the step by step GIF animation of the drawing process:

Summer Girl - GIF animation / Econ Dude

As you can see i changed my mind many times in the process

You can find more about this drawing in my Russian Blog.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Drawing - Hot Eastern Girl

Hey there. I have a small update for my blog in English, a drawing to be precise, a drawing of a hot eastern girl. Here she is:

Drawing - Hot Eastern Girl / Econ Dude

This picture took me a while

Overall i am happy with the result you are seeing, but obliviously it is far from a good work or a decent piece of art. It's just another image during my practice.

As a basic reference here i used a real photo of an Asian Insa model - @missrosiely, because i felt like she is going to be banned very soon for photos she is posting (they are too provocative), so i felt that i should draw here before it is too late :)

I used only 10-20% of her photo as a reference (basic body shape and a dress), then i went with my own imagination.

I am not satisfied with the way i completed eyes and lips, this part was very hard for me and, as always, proportions is my biggest struggle. Although after all i look at the result and... i am fine with it, actually this is one of my best drawings of all times.

It just my general level of skills is low.

As you can see she is sitting on a rock and in the reference she had glasses on, but i couldn't draw them in a good way. I added a necklace too, which wasn't necessary.

This image took me 6+ hours, which is a lot by my standards, i was making it using sai 2.0 and my cheap and basic Wacom Tablet.

It is supposed to be an Asian beautiful girl, hot, but cote, the perfect combo, but on the half way i decided to re-brand it as an Arabic female. I just added a tattoo which says "Jamila" (beautiful). Also green eyes was my idea, of course.

There are some Arabic woman with green eyes, it is rare, but they exist.

Almost forgot, here is the GIF (animation) of the drawing process:

GIF and Animation - Hot Eastern Girl / Econ Dude

Even if a drawing has a poor quality it's quite fun to watch, isn't it? 

You can read more about this drawing in my Russian blog:

And here is the list of links to some of my work in English:

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Tribes Arena Game Update (New version 1.5)

I made a new version for a strategy game which i am developing for a long time. In this version (1.5) you can find an important bug fix and a few more fun things.

Tribes Arena Game Update (New version 1.5) / Econ Dude

Tribes Arena

The main guide for this game can be found here:

Also you can check what i did in the last version (1.4).

Here is the list of changes in 1.5:

  • New reform - careful fishing
  • Small fix of reforms view
  • Renaissance bug fixed
  • Library building cost increased
  • Boats repair cost increased 0.15 => 0.3
  • Boats wood price increased 25 => 75
  • Pick a religion reminder
  • 10 names for quest traders
  • King Glory prefixes
  • King age prefixes
  • 30 new names for cities
  • Small design updates

I fixed a big bug with the renaissance event and added one new reform, which allows players to use lakes forever, with this reform fish there in never going to expire.

You can find the game here: