Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tribes Arena Strategy: Age of Reforms 1.4

I made an update for my old game "Tribes Arena Strategy: Age of Reforms", current version is 1.4. This game is a project which i develop for fun for a long time (more than 3-4 years). The basic idea here to make a game for Android with simple graphic and controls, but a deep game where you can do a lot of things. In Tribes Arena you develop your tribe, gather resources, trade, research, manage a king, build and fight with barbarians. It is inspired by games from Paradox Studio which i love, such as Victoria, Europa, etc.

Tribes Arena Strategy: Age of Reforms 1.4 / Econ Dude

I added a lot of new things in this version...

The basic guide for the game in English is here: [ Basic Guide ]

The basic guide for the game in Russian is here: [ Гайд ]

Here is the link to Google Play / Android game: [ Download Tribes Arena ]

And on my Russian Blog you can find an old PC version: [ PC version ]

1.4 - is a big update, i am continuing development of the "Age of Reforms" addition. Last time i added reforms to the game, you can launch them permanently if you have all required resources / buildings. This time i added just one new reform, but in addition to that i changed interface a lot and re-balanced many numbers and formulas.

Here is the list (log) of changes in 1.4 version:

  • Resources are now rounded up to K (/1000);
  • Inflation mechanism has been removed;
  • Consumption of clothes, opium and jewelry rebalanced;
  • Jewelry production rebalanced;
  • Clothes production rebalanced;
  • Cannons production cost radically increased;
  • Research funding 15 => 25 per library with 100%;
  • Medicine funding 15 => 25 per hospital with 100%;
  • Food reform weakened;
  • Apartment cost has been increased by a lot;
  • Renaissance random event added;
  • Market prices are now decreasing over time;
  • Bad event now are harder to overcome with hospitals;
  • Bad events now take 1 glory when occur;
  • Cost of hiring a mercenary is 25 gold now;
  • Inheritance mechanism reworked;;
  • Chance of getting a perk 0.5% => 0.25%;
  • New reform: Religious doctrine;
  • Food consumption of animal farms fixed;
  • Fire works better now, building limit increases;
  • Barbarians appear after 800/400 days (used to be 500/250);
  • Research speed /2;
  • Random 30 names of towns and villages added;
  • Price for slaves reduced on 50% (to $100);
  • Trading slaves -2 honor (used to be -1);
  • If you lose to barbarians your king loses 2 glory (used to be 1);
  • If glory>10 each sculpture will result -2 glory (used to be -1);
  • New interface for Ruler/King stats;
  • New interface for budget, taxes and funding;
  • Now apartments have no effect on happiness (no houses is good already);
  • Now 99%+ employment rate decrease happiness (it is unemployment...);
  • Funding and happiness now work more realistically;
  • Effect of funding on happiness was rebalanced;
  • [Wide use of wood] bug fixed;
  • Game help added.

There are still a lot of things to correct and add, so next time when i come back to this game to make a new update i will continue to work on them. I really want to make 10-12 total reforms, i want to improve quests (make a new interface for them), i want to make new interface and windows for fights, barbarian villages, trade, statistics etc.

If you have any comments, ideas and suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here, or on Google Play, or maybe in YouTube. Here is a video about the last version of the game, but it is in Russian (i will read an English comment anyway and reply when i have time xD).

This game, as all my other games, is made by using GameMaker Studio.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Drawing #26, girl's face

Here is my new drawing number 26, a girl's face:

Took me not as much time as usual (2 hours), used a simple tablet (wacom) and sai2.0.

Source and reference: miura-n315

Although i only took basic form from there, later i was drawing freely from my head.

More info about this picture in Russian you can find here.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Random Towers Game

Hey there. I made a Tower Defense game for 3 hours in GameMaker Studio so i want to briefly write about it and give all related links here.

Here is how it looks right now at alpha version:

Random Towers Game / Tower Defense

Very simple, as always

This is a typical Tower Defense game with a logic as in this genre. Enemies are attacking, when they get to the left side, you lose Defense points (100). To destroy them build towers but the thing is, towers are generated randomly, i mean their stats.

Every minute the level goes up by 1 and enemies became stronger, as well as your stats in generated towers. Towers cost depends on their stats.

You can color your towers:

  • Red gives HP regeneration;
  • Blue gives 25% chance to show twice;
  • Green tower going to generate additional gold.

There are also 3 legendary towers with preset unique stats, you have 1% chance to get one, but they are expensive. That's is pretty much it.

If you feel that game goes to slow, i made a speed up button for ya.

I am planning to get back to this game after a white because i didn't test it well and it seems game is too easy at the moment. I'll fix that later with a new version.

That's it, enjoy.

Here are all links:

Also you can check out the video about this game to see how it goes, but i speak Russian there. Don't know why would you need it, but here is also a Russian article about this game.

There are few early stage screenshots.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A water drop emoticon listening music drawing

Hey there. Recently i bought a new tablet and now i am drawing not with a computer mouse, but finally using a tablet. I have to say that this is ten times better and faster.

A water drop emoticon listening music drawing

A water drop emoticon listening music drawing

Here is the first picture (image) which i made with a new tool and if you check out my other drawings, which you can find here:

You can see the difference. You can draw with a computer mouse for a while to learn the basis and to practice, but at some point you most probably will move to a drawing tablet.

To thee the clear difference just check out this:

First picture with a computer mouse, second is with the tablet. The difference is clear.

Lining is much better and more smoth, i can draw faster, the image has less raw details and misstakes, in conclution i am very happy that i bought a tablet.

Which, bwt, was a wary basic one - Wacom for $100

Friday, September 29, 2017

Space Rush Shooter [V1.2.22]

I made a new version [V1.2.22] of my old game called "Space Rush Shooter". This is a simple old-school space arcade with some additional features and RPG elements.

Space Rush Shooter [V1.2.22]

I wish i could create such graphic...

Space Rush is my very old project and one of the first games i completely finished.

In this new version i changed the following:

  • Crew Exp. ModX system added;
  • Late game rebalanced;
  • Enemies rebalanced;
  • Dodge and Block reworked;
  • Speed formula changed;
  • 8 new random advises;
  • Trade system improved;
  • Service fees formula improved;
  • Small improvements.

Here just some general fixes but i added one interesting feature regarding the ship's crew and worked on a late game quite a bit.

In Space Rush Shooter you can reach high levels (30-50 and higher), but after certain levels if you improving your skills correctly and if it fits well with your items and class, game becomes too easy so no one can kill you. This update was mostly regarding the late game and high levels, i wanted to make game better not only on low levels but during late game as well.

Although sometimes first 10-20 levels can be really hard especially when you are a new player and improve skills which are not helpful for your ship class on this stage.

Low levels are hard but interesting. When you die few times and try different approach you will find a way to pass them, later game was much easier.

To fix that i did re-balancing of extra high and high levels (30+). I changed many numbers such as HP and Damage of the enemies, also i changed auto-leveling system which is in the game. Now this system is fare and not broken.

You gain a bit less gold and XP for high-level enemies and they are a little big stronger.

Maybe i'll do one more re-balancing soon if game is too hard.

Another interesting feature in this version of the Space Rush game is ModX system for your crew. You can hire three crew members (i took this idea partially from "Faster than light"), each guy going to improve one main characteristic (attack, defense or speed).